• Company Profile and Values


    More than just a service provider, we are a partner to your business.

    Refrax was born as Hot Brick and operates for more than 20 years at the industrial services market, focusing strongly its operation on the Latin American market. Our expertise areas include the development of the following services:
    - Refractory Construction
    - Thermal Insulation
    - Repairs and maintenance to glassware, steel, metallurgical cement and petrochemicals industries.


    Satisfy and create strong and long-lasting bonds with our customers and suppliers, always providing the best options in products and services.


    To be Brazil’s best company in the refractory construction, repair and maintenance of furnaces and industrial equipment.

    Our Values

    - Human Resource Valuation;
    - Sustainability;
    - Quality: pursuit of excellence;
    - Integrity: be transparent;
    - Innovation.

  • Why Refrax?


    Refrax holds a unique status of high technical ability level, based on practical experience, allowing realistic proposals for selected projects or problems that our customers want to solve. We take the best directions and correct attitude to provide a first class service, always with our maximum goal in mind, the satisfaction of a successfully completed project.

    Our staff is trained to provide solutions to our clients needs with minimum disruption of their normal activities. Our approach allows our client to focus on their business, without worrying about the supervision and execution of project’s standards and requirements.

  • Quality and Structure


    At Refrax we are prepared to the construction and pre-assembly of the proposed projects. Our factory has modern equipment to metal structures’ construction, assembling parts and recovery of damaged structures.

    Our greatest asset is our people. Therefore, Refrax strives to continuously and thoroughly maintain the employees always updated about security at work and quality in the service delivery.
    The result of this initiative can be noticed by our very low rate of accidents and our agility in the service delivery. Our focus on quality leads us to seek excelence at first time and therefore, always wanting to improve.

  • Environment and Safety

    Refrax_meio amb

    The responsibility to bring the product to the customer without threatening the health and safety of the community and the environment is no longer a major attitude and became the main goal of Refrax when it comes to the social and environmental responsibility concern. We work to guarantee no damages to the environment, and to assure the well-being of our employees and the good relationships with the communities surrounding the company.

    The workplace safety contributes to the company organization, increasing productivity and the quality of services, improving human relations at work.
    We recognize that our care to environment and workplace safety are priorities to our company, and it reflects in our business activities, products and services.