• Engineering and Projects

    Our services mainly consist in construction on industrial mechanical area, glassware, steel, metallurgical cement and petrochemical industries. Our services can fit to a wide range of companies sizes and we attend many multinational companies. Due to our employees technical knowledge, we can easily meet the specific requirements of each client.

    We provide the following services:
    - Industrial layouts and project design;
    - Flowcharts;
    - Piping projects;
    - Metalic industrial structures projects;
    - Pipe Racks;
    - Utility instalation projects;
    - Project detailing.

    Additional services to metalworking:
    - Civil construction projects to industrial areas;
    - Electrical projects to industrial areas;
    - Automation projects to industrial areas.

    Our projects design are widely documented and in most cases contains:
    - Project layouts, plans and sections presentations;
    - Isometrics;
    - Calculus data-sheet.
    - Materials data-sheet;
    - Flexibility studies;
    - Documentation and review lists.

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