• Inspection and In-House Services

    We give an agile and efficient support to equipment’s emergency shutdowns 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our differential is to mobilize all the necessary resources for implementation of the work, in the shortest possible time. With a specialized team, Refrax operates in maintenance of furnaces in several industries (in Brazil and Latin America), by running scheduled or emergency repairs. Always offering maximum safety and quality on service deliverance. The unique conditions of work, such as extreme temperatures, require a team of highly skilled experts. Total accuracy during In-House repair services ensures the customer a longer life and problem-free operational furnace. In addition to the refractory coating and metal structures that are necessary, we also have the supervision of highly qualified specialists belonging to Refrax’s team.

    Inspection and maintenance of Glass Industries Plans
    The production and commercial requirements are pushing our customers to continuously extend the performance of their furnaces. Due to the current worldwide financial situation, several companies are constantly reconsidering its business strategy.

    That is because, in many cases, their furnaces performance has been moving toward to the extreme operation.

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