• Metallic Structures

    We have expertise on Furnaces and Metal Structure areas, responsible for manufacturing equipment in carbon and stainless steel for Glass, Chemical, Petrochemical, Hydroelectric Plants, Sugar and Alcohol Plants, Steel, Mining, Pulp and Paper, Food and Civil Construction Industries. Our company uses machines and highly qualified personnel. We work with extreme agility and degree of excellence, always aiming to provide the client’s best cost-benefit solution, do not matter its base range or segment.
    Our projects department provides a complete support during the client’s service development. The goal is to simplify even more the project’s stages and add productivity at company’s routine. We are always ready to serve our clients, their satisfaction comes at first place.

    Products and services:
    - Furnaces and Metallic Structures;
    - Melting furnaces structures;
    - Commercial and industrial warehouses;
    - Metallic mezzanine, ladders and catwalks;
    - Piping in general (carbon and stainless steel);
    - Tanks and Silos;
    - Machine Structures;
    - Industrial Platforms;
    - Piping Tower;
    - Heat Exchangers;
    - Supply Skids;
    - Industrial Ventilation;
    - Hairnets and Chimneys;
    - All-Type Transport Carts;
    - Mats and Carriers;
    - Material Transportation Buckets;
    - Pre-cast shapes for concrete;
    - Crane;
    - Steel Shelves;
    - Non-end Srew;
    - Industrial Maintenance Services.

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