• Refractory Structures

    Refrax offers refractory coating services to glass, aluminum, cement, steel and petrochemical industries. Refrax installs new equipment and realizes total or partial repairs. We do maintenance and refractory coating in all-type equipment, from small to large ones. We offer In-House services with cutting-edge technology and no interruption on client’s production.

    Emergency Support
    We give an agile and efficient support to equipment’s emergency shutdowns 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our differential is to mobilize all the necessary resources for implementation of the work, in the shortest time possible.

    Scheduled Jobs
    The jobs are carried out within a complete planning of safety and quality, previously set up with the client. We design new projects and total or partial repairs of the equipment.

    Our supervisors, managers, deckhands and refractory experts, have a large operational and technical experience, our founder has more than 45 years of experience at the refractory market, and its segments.

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